Thursday, November 21, 2019

Jobs Roles In Middle East Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Jobs Roles In Middle East - Article Example In most Middle East countries, the petroleum industry tops as the best paying industry. It is because petroleum is the main export product for countries in this region. With the ever rising petroleum prices, countries in the Middle East region have continuously experienced growth, especially in the petroleum industry. From the explanation above, it can be agreed that the petroleum industry should have the best paying role. Petroleum engineers are the best paid in the Middle East. Duties of petroleum engineers include analyzing new oil reservoirs to determine costs and benefits, supervision of the drilling, extraction, and processing progressions. For an individual to qualify as a petroleum engineer, they must have a bachelor’s degree in engineering, most preferably in petroleum engineering. Other engineering courses may also be considered such as chemical engineering. A three year’s working experience is preferred by most employers. The Saudi Arabia has the most jobs wi thin this role in the Middle East. Financial managers are the second best-paid people in the Middle East. The role of the financial managers includes managing departments of the financial institution and making strategic decisions on issues regarding the institution. Most financial managers in the Middle East have a working experience of over ten years and a post-graduate award in a finance related course. Most of the jobs within this role are found in the United Arab Emirates. ranked major air pilots as the third best-paid roles in the Middle East. Qualification for major air pilots is usually good health and judgment ability, acquired a specific flight time, which in most cases should be above 1,500 hours. Other qualifications are specific to different airlines. The United Arab Emirates again has the highest number of jobs within this

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